Healthcare continues to be the subject of intense scrutiny and litigation activity at the state and federal levels.  A single incident can force a healthcare provider or professional to face legal issues on a number of competing fronts at the same time — civil lawsuits, criminal charges, administrative hearings, and license and disciplinary proceedings.

Pierson Law represents healthcare industry providers and professionals in a broad range of legal matters, including white collar criminal defense, civil litigation, administrative proceedings, licensing and disciplinary matters.  For almost two decades, Ms. Pierson has received extensive training and experience in this broad spectrum of healthcare matters in both private practice and public service.  On the private side, Ms. Pierson has served as an integral part of the healthcare teams at King & Spalding LLP and other nationally recognized healthcare law firms.  During her tenure as a federal prosecutor, Ms. Pierson served as the Criminal Healthcare Coordinator, which is the lead healthcare prosecutor in the U.S. Attorney’s Office.  In that capacity, Ms. Pierson received a prestigious FBI Director’s Award for her outstanding work in healthcare fraud prosecutions.

Pierson Law has a specialized focus on healthcare matters, including the following:

  • Federal Healthcare Investigations and Litigation (i.e., Medicare and Medicaid  fraud, Anti-Kickback, fraudulent billing, Medicaid and Medicare fraud);
  • False Claims Act Lawsuits (qui tam or whistleblower actions);
  • State Administrative Hearings (provider hearings in front of the Department of Community Health, the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities, etc.)
  • State Board Hearings (including Georgia Composite Medical Board and the Georgia Board of Pharmacy);
  • Peer Review Hearings and Medical Privilege Applications


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