Business Litigation

Pierson Law is dedicated to resolving the most complex and challenging business disputes efficiently and creatively. No matter the size of nature of the dispute, Pierson Law’s approach combines an unwavering commitment to success with creativity and optimal proficiency.  And we have the unbeaten litigation record to prove it.

Pierson Law handles business disputes of all types and sizes, such as contract, employment and administrative disputes, for individuals  as well as small and large businesses and financial institutions.  Because of her unwavering deep expertise and experience combined with her commitment to clients and their best interests, Ms. Pierson has consistently achieved successful, value driven results for her business litigation clients, even in challenging circumstances.

Setting Ms. Pierson apart from many of her contemporaries is her extensive, hands-on experience in both state and federal courtrooms that gives her clients a significant competitive advantage in litigation disputes.  As a federal prosecutor, Ms. Pierson successfully tried each of her numerous jury trials on behalf of the United States. In her years in private practice, Ms. Pierson has also successfully prosecuted and defended hundreds of civil cases.  From document retention and production, to depositions, to dispositive motions, arbitration and mediation, and ultimately civil jury trials, Pierson Law has the depth and breadth of experience to expertly assess and protect its clients’ needs.  Pierson Law offers the full complement of litigation experience and skills needed to tailor the approach in each individual case to the best interests of the particular client and dispute.